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To lose weight eating the pasta

The pasta is a healthy food, complete and tasty, for years it is a centre of any alimentation.

In particular the Mediterranean diet, it has been evaluated a system of alimentation based exclusively on the products of Mediterranean agriculture and its by products, putting in the first line our pasta. Naturally the pasta is not being consumed only because it is good for our organism but indeed it is an aliment not possible to give up first of all its fabulous taste, which renders the Italian pasta become famous in the world.

The pasta KiliOff, a dietary product that thanks to the durum wheat semola and the Dietglut, a gluten selected from the best quality on the market, improves its natural quality keeping the consistency, the taste and the colour of the better Italian pasta.

KiliOff allows you to lose weight without giving up the principal food of our alimentation.


Results of KiliOff: loss weight

The pasta KiliOff is born from the tradition, from the passion and from the same ingredients of the best pasta made in italy: It is a pasta never overdo, from a traditional taste, produced using a selected raw material among gluten (Dietglut) of a best quality, worked out according to the international patent Chen-Menesini.

The selected ingredients and the technology used assure the taste of the qualified gourmets, a taste and doughiness different from others and at the same time enable this dietary aliment becomes of high quality and efficient. For this reason the pasta KiliOff is distinct from the other commercial pasta.

Selecting KiliOff you could be sure for ever that the food you taste is a fruit of passion, the passion for the pasta, for the taste and for the health!!!


Ingredients of the best quality

The pasta KiliOff is produced exclusively and entirely in Italy and only with natural ingredients of the best quality. Dr. Menesini and Dr. Chen are esteemed biologist that, after completed their study in Italy, and to be able to take advantage of a decade of collaboration with the Nobel price Rita Levi-Montalcini, have brought to perfection, with an international patent, a revolutionary method of pasta processing, allowing to render this food a dietary product that permits a consistent loss of weight, maintaining one's better quality.

The patent of two scientists consists in Dietglut (gluten heated), that through a particular process permits to double the quantity of gluten present in the pasta, reinforcing the protein net that permits to release the starch slowly. This process induces:

  • A prolonged sensation of satiety
  • Less the sensation of heaviness and better digestion
  • Decrease the quantity of sugar transformed into lipid

If to this it can add that also it maintains its proper taste and colour, the pasta KiliOff contains a less quantity of starch and a major quantity of water, it appears evident how KiliOff permits a consistent loss of weight with a natural and safe manner.

KiliOff is Notified to the Ministry of Sanity according to the Legislative Law n° 111/92


The results

How many times you have given up a diet, o worse, you have never initiated it, because aware of never overcome the need of the pasta? How many times, following a hypocaloric alimentation you have dreamed of able to put on your table a tasty plate of spaghetti? For years renouncing to the pasta, or reducing the consume of little more than a tasting weekly, it is being a painful experience and unable to give up for everyone to look for the loss of weight through a control of alimentation. From now, with KiliOff, all of this is being overcame.

Nobody can no more ask you to give up to a plate of pasta, moreover thanks to Dietglut (gluten heated) the pasta KiliOff maintains the colour, the consistency, but first of all the taste of the best Italian pasta, permit you to lose weight.

The process of the pasta KiliOff in fact, permits to the non rinounceable aliment of increasing the quantity of gluten and of protein rate and at the same time decreasing the quantity of starch therein.

Clinical trail conducted in three different Italian University show that this combination (+gluten – starch) permits of loss weight using KiliOff in the field of equilibrated alimentation, in one of the two principal meals (lunch or dinner).

KiliOff is constituted from the same ingredients of the common pasta

The pasta KiliOff is constituted from the same ingredients of the common pasta with a major percentage of gluten, selected accurately from the market thanks to the collaboration of two reliable and qualified Biochemists. We take care directly the selection and the elaboration of gluten according to the description of the international patent Chen-Menesini. The result is the highest quality of pasta, optimum also for the finest gourmets for the Italian pasta. Certainty of an inevitable success, the product, for a moment presents only in the form of spaghetti KiliOff, unique for their taste, savour and first of all its dietary property.

F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions


The pasta KiliOff must not be confused with any other type of normal, whole wheat or dietary pasta present in the market because its properties are acquired thanks to a deposited international patent and therefore it is a unique product on market. The pasta KiliOff is a real dietary product prepared using Dietglut according to the international patent of two biologist.

Water, wheat semola and selected gluten (Dietglut) create a rich and robust protein net in the pasta kiliOff that improves notably the dietary quality of the pasta, essential element of the famous Mediterranean diet.


There are many factors that render the tasty KiliOff a dietary pasta naturally (if associated with a hypocaloric diet)

  • The presence of selected gluten Dietglut reinforces and improves the protein net which entraps the starch granules and then to release them slowly during the digestion process thus giving a feeling of satiety from 6 to 8 hrs.
  • It helps to uptake less lipid and gives less sugar in the blood.
  • It furnishes more water to intestine helping the peristaltic motion of intestine establishing a normal function.
  • It gives a sense of prolonged satiety helping the less bite caused by hunger.
  • It furnishes more energy with a prolonged time.
  • It increases the thermogenesis, activating the metabolism.


The pasta KiliOff is a product made of durum wheat semola and gluten, a natural ingredient carefully selected among the best on the market. The gluten (Dietglut) reinforces and improves the protein net thus serves to entrap in the net the starch granules and then releases them slowly during the digestion giving a sense of satiety for 6 to 8 hrs.

A slow release in time means:

  • Less sugar transforms in lipid (the sugar were released regularly in time and then digested and utilized continually);
  • Easy digestion (with pasta KiliOff it never happened the common uneasiness such as acidity in stomach, heaviness, constipation etc.);
  • A feeling of satiety and of well being (due to the slow release of carbohydrate) prolonged in time, therefore it gives less stimuli of hungry and furnishes energy continuously for 6-8 hrs.


Durum wheat semola and selected gluten (Dietglut) among the best quality present on the market are the ingredients all natural of this aliment that resuls a natural product, safe and tasty. The pasta KiliOff is a safe product because it is notified to the Ministry of Sanity as dietary aliment and as all notified product the contra-indications are stamped onto the package. The pasta KiliOff has no any contra-indication only it is not advised to individual affected by Celiac disease.


Every one response differently to the loss of weight, however for not to touch the problem of health it is opportune not to lose weight more than 1 kg per week. It is guaranteed a consistent loss of body weight without suffering from hungry, when to a principal meal (lunch or dinner) constituted of this pasta.

Is associated with a hyocaloric diet: according to the testimony from our customers it is possible to lose weight with average of 4-5 kg per month.


Until the obtaining of the weight/forma. It is important not to given up a process of losing weight, otherwise it is a risk of getting “yo-yo” effect against the desired result, moreover, to give up and to start again various diet, for years, one risks to render the proper metabolism more slowly.


Thanks to KiliOff, the loss of weight was obtained gradually but constant in time, this permits our organism to adapt to our new physical condition and therefore it is convenient of not to gain the weight immediately. However it is important to follow the diet for preservation: the preservation diet is principally a stile of life, it must, therefore, follow a correct alimentation and possibly to do a moderate and constant physical activity. You can continue to assume the pasta KiliOff for preserving the ideal weight and form obtained.


To receive information on ordering and receiving the product abroad can you contact us at our e-mail address: info@kilioff.com

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La pasta KiliOff mantiene inalterato tutto il gusto della migliore pasta italiana: provala!

La pasta KiliOff ha la consistenza, il sapore ed il colore della migliore pasta italiana [leggi]

La pasta KiliOff è fatta con i migliori ingredienti naturali e la sua formula è il risultato di lunghe e approfondite ricerche e test universitari

La pasta KiliOff viene prodotta tutta in Italia con ingredienti naturali e di ottima qualità [leggi]

La formula della pasta KiliOff, PIU' glutine e MENO amido aiuta a dimagrire in modo graduale e naturale

Test clinici condotti in tre Università dimostrano che la formula + Glutine - Amido permette di perdere peso [leggi]

Testimonianze reali di chi ha provato con successo pasta KiliOff

Spot con testimonianze reali: scopri il segreto dell'efficacia della pasta dietetica KiliOff  [guarda]

Ordina online la pasta KiliOff e ricevila direttamente a casa tua: è facile, veloce e cogli al volo le nostre promozioni Scarica la guida KiliOff con pratici consigli alimentari
Ordina online la pasta KiliOff e ricevila direttamente a casa tua: è facile, veloce e cogli al volo le nostre promozioni Ordina online la pasta KiliOff e ricevila direttamente a casa tua: è facile, veloce e cogli al volo le nostre promozioni